Coronavirus (COVID-19): supporting people at higher risk - survey of third sector organisations

This report examines findings from a survey of 530 third sector organisations in Scotland who supported people through the COVID-19 pandemic over March to August 2020.

4. Research method

An online survey was produced by SG social researchers and distributed by local authorities to third sector organisations they work with locally and by SG officials to known third sector organisations. The survey was live from 21st July to 7th August 2020.

We recognise that there are risks that this evidence could be skewed towards certain local authority areas or partners due to the indirect distribution and self-selecting sample, but felt that this approach was appropriate given the timeframes and the context of the previous research with local authorities.

The survey responses provided a great deal of rich data.  Given the amount of data and range of responses within this, the most commonly arising comments have been prioritised throughout the report.  More significant minority views have also been included (their minority status will be indicated).  There is also a level of participant interpretation of questions in any survey work in terms of how to answer and what perspective to provide.  Some respondents are likely to have responded on behalf of their organisation (either in terms of their own organisational issues or on behalf of their client/member-base), while others may have responded more on the wider Covid-19 crisis and not purely their own organisation’s response.  Some provided more personal and informal responses, while others felt more comfortable responding when their organisation’s data backed up their comments.  The range of comments and perspectives have been illustrated in quotes as far as possible.



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