Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) for the Agricultural Tenancies proposals Environmental Report

SEA is a systematic process for evaluating the environmental consequences of proposed plans, strategies, or programmes. This Report accompanies the Agricultural Tenancies proposals, within the Land Reform Bill.

Quality information

Prepared by

  • Michael Aquilina
  • Senior Consultant
  • Emma Hazell
  • Environmental Consultant

Checked by

  • Nick Chisholm-Batten
  • Technical Director

Verified by

  • Ian McCluskey
  • Associate Director

Approved by

  • Ian McCluskey
  • Associate Director

Revision History

Revision Date Details Authorized Name Position
V3.0 23/08/23 Final draft for client comment 23/08/23 Nick Chisholm-Batten Technical Director

Prepared for:

Agriculture Policy Division of the Scottish Government

Prepared by:

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