Socio-economic Baseline Review Methodology and Data Gap Analysis for Offshore Renewables in Scottish Waters

The Data Gap Analysis Report summarises the background to and aims of the overall appraoch to socio-economics and offshore renewable energy planning. It sets out the approach that has been adopted to identifying baseline information requirements, which ta

Appendix A. List of Steering Group Members


Contact Name

Scottish Government

David Pratt

Scottish Government

Fiona Simpson

Scottish Government

Pippa Goldschmidt

Scottish Government

Kevin Brady

Scottish Government

Andreas Lerch

Highland and Islands Enterprise/Scottish Enterprise

Norma Hogan

Natural Power

Jeremy Sainsbury

Scottish Fishermen's Federation

Kenny Coull

Scottish Natural Heritage

Daniel Gotts

Scottish Salmon Producers' Organisation

Stephen Bell

The Crown Estate

John Stevenson

UK Chamber of Shipping

Richard Nevinson


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