Socio-economic Baseline Review Methodology and Data Gap Analysis for Offshore Renewables in Scottish Waters

The Data Gap Analysis Report summarises the background to and aims of the overall appraoch to socio-economics and offshore renewable energy planning. It sets out the approach that has been adopted to identifying baseline information requirements, which ta


ABPmer : ABP Marine Environmental Research Ltd

AIS : Automatic Identification System

ArcGIS : Geographic Information System Software by ESRI

BMF : British Marine Federation

BRIA : Business & Regulatory Impact Assessment

CAA : Civil Aviation Authority

CCS : Carbon Capture and Storage

CCSA : Carbon Capture Storage Association

CFP : Common Fisheries Policy

CO 2 : Carbon Dioxide

CoSLA : Convention of Scottish Local Authorities

CPUE : Catch per Unit Effort

DASA : Defence Analytical Services and Advice

DECC : Department of Energy and Climate Change

DfT : Department for Transport

EIA : Environmental Impact Assessment

EMEC : European Marine Energy Centre

GCal Uni : Glasgow Caledonian University

GIS : Geographic Information System

GT : Gross Tonne(s)

GVA : Gross Value Added

GW : Gigawatt(s)

HIAL : Highlands and Islands Airports Ltd

HIE : Highlands and Islands Enterprise

HRA : Habitats Regulations Appraisals

IALA : International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities

ICES : International Council for the Exploration of the Sea

ITOMS : International Transmission Operations & Maintenance Study

KIS-CA : Kingfisher Information Service - Cable Awareness

km : kilometre(s)

kw : kilowatt(s)

LA : Local Authority

LVIA : Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment

m : metre(s)

MCA : Maritime and Coastguard Agency

MEDIN : Marine Environmental Data and Information Network

MOD : Ministry of Defence

MPA : Marine Protected Area

NATS : National Air Traffic Services

NGL : Natural Gas Liquids

nm : nautical mile(s)

OER : Offshore Energy Regions

ONS : Office of National Statistics

OSPAR : Mechanism by which fifteen Governments of the western coasts and catchments of Europe, together with the European Community, cooperate to protect the marine environment of the North-East Atlantic

OWF : Offshore Wind Farm

PEXA : Practice and. Exercise Areas

PFOW : Pentland Firth and Orkney Waters

RLG : Regional Locational Guidance

RPA : Risk & Policy Analysts

RYA : Royal Yachting Association

SCCS : Scottish Centre for Carbon Storage

SE : Scottish Enterprise

SEA : Strategic Environmental Assessment

SeaZone : SeaZone Solutions Ltd

SEPA : Scottish Environment Protection Agency

SIC : Standard Industrial Classification

SORER : Scottish Offshore Renewable Energy Regions

UK : United Kingdom

UKCPC : United Kingdom Cable Protection Committee

UKDEAL : UKDEAL Common Data Access Ltd

UKMMAS : UK Marine Monitoring and Assessment Strategy

USA : United States of America

VMS : Vessel Monitoring System


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