Social Security Experience Panels: Young Carer Grant survey

Young Carer Panel views expressed in a survey about what the new Young Carer Grant should be like.

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The impact of the Young Carer Grant

Respondents felt that there were a number of positive impacts that the grant would have. This including helping the financial situation of young carers and helping their families and cared for person.

“It's going to help those who don't have a lot of money.”

“I think the young carer grant will really help carers who haven’t had a chance for a break or who are living in poverty as this grant will benefit them a lot.”

Others said that it could help young carers to have opportunities that they might not otherwise have.

“There are many young carers that need this financial boost to be able to keep up with their peers for social events, driving lessons, laptops, school trips etc.”

“Everyone who is a young carer will really appreciate the grant. Being a carer often limits social flexibility so having money to have a life or even make sure you have the same workbooks as everyone will be very beneficial.”

Some felt that the age restrictions on the grant were too strict and that it should be more widely available. This included concerns about the support for people aged over 18 – particularly in relation to the challenges of staying in education when caring for someone.

“I think it should be up to people that aren’t at school especially because they may have had to leave school due to caring. Possibly open up to older bracket to provide more opportunities. Especially if you're pushing for education- open to college/uni at very least. I think helping people that don’t have people they care for on benefits because they are still a young carer regardless. Help actual young carers and not just young carers that tick all your little boxes.”

“It is unfair for a 17 Year old at College/Uni but not an 18 year old. It is still a full time learning environment and £300 could help with supplies, accommodation etc.”

Others expressed concern about the support available to those under 16.

“Maybe under 14s as the parents are able to fully support them and they already could get free help from other places where as when your 18 you would have to pay for they things”

“Young carers who do the same amount of caring at the same rate or even greater but don’t fit the age bracket to receive the grant - discrimination. Doesn’t make them any less of a young carer but to then they won’t feel like they care enough to get the money.”


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