Social Security Experience Panels: Young Carer Grant survey

Young Carer Panel views expressed in a survey about what the new Young Carer Grant should be like.

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Next Steps

This report will be used to supplement the feedback from the consultation on the draft regulations for Young Carer Grant which closed in December 2018. The report offers a perspective from young carers on many of the issues addressed in the consultation. This survey additionally looked at a number of key policy issues which are important to the development and design of the Young Carer Grant and will be used to inform decisions in these areas, and how the new grant is communicated and advertised.

The Scottish Government will be running workshops with stakeholder organisations in early 2019 to consider issues around safeguarding and the definition of care in relation to the Young Carer Grant. The findings from this research will help to inform these discussions and next steps.

As part of the survey, all respondents were also invited to join the young carer panel, which is part of the Scottish Government Social Security Experience Panels. Those who choose to join the panels will be invited to participate in further research to help develop the new grant, including help with designing and testing new systems and approaches.

How to access background or source data

The data collected for this social research publication:

☐ are available in more detail through Scottish Neighbourhood Statistics

☐ are available via an alternative route

☒ may be made available on request, subject to consideration of legal and ethical factors. Please contact for further information.

☐ cannot be made available by Scottish Government for further analysis as Scottish Government is not the data controller.


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