Social Security Experience Panels: Young Carer Grant survey

Young Carer Panel views expressed in a survey about what the new Young Carer Grant should be like.

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Paying the grant

Respondents were told that most payments would be made by transferring money to a bank account, and that it would only be paid another way if they asked for it to be. Seven in ten respondents (70 per cent) said that paying this way wouldn’t cause a problem for them. However, almost a quarter (23 per cent) said that it would cause a problem for them, and 7 per cent said that they weren’t sure if it would cause a problem.

Among those who said it would cause them a problem, reasons given included not having a bank account. These respondents said that they would prefer to receive the payment as cash, by cheque, in instalments, or through someone else such as a parent or young carer group.


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