Social Security Experience Panels - keeping staff and clients safe: report

This report outlines the findings of a survey conducted with panel members, which looked to help design the processes for keeping Social Security Scotland staff and clients safe.

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Background and Research Methods

This report outlines the findings from a survey that took place in July 2019 with Experience Panel members to help design a way to keep Social Security Scotland staff and clients safe.

All panel members were invited to take part in the survey. Participation in Experience Panels research is optional, and in this case 293 Experience Panel Members chose to respond to the survey either online, over the phone or through the post. The survey was written in plain English to ensure it was clear what was being asked. This survey is a mix of closed ended and open ended question to allow panel members to express their views.

Within the survey, respondents were specifically asked about:

  • Situations that cause frustration and anger between staff and clients
  • How staff can respond to situations where clients may be displaying unacceptable actions
  • What communications there should be about this process
  • Sharing data about unacceptable actions with other organisations

The Social Security Experience Panels are a longitudinal research project. The panels are made up of volunteers from the Scottish population who have experience of at least one of the benefits that are coming to Scotland. The results of this work should be regarded as being reflective of the experience and views of the participants only, and are not indicative of the wider Scottish population. Percentages are given only to give a broad sense of the balance of opinion across participants.



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