Social Security Experience Panels - ethnic minorities: visual summary

This summary is on research with ethnic minority groups about their past experiences of social security and the barriers that exist to them in accessing support. It provides information about the steps Social Security Scotland is taking to help overcome these barriers

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Application and appeals processes 

Many said that they had been unclear about how various processes in the system worked. 

Some described feeling helpless when they had tried to complete applications for specific benefits. 

"The current system did not work for me. The information was too complicated. I didn’t know my eligibility and didn’t see anywhere where I could go to get help. Nobody checked if I needed extra help to engage. And after a while, I just didn’t trust the system. So gave up. Others I know have been the same."

"Only got through the forms by chance, coming into contact with people that know about the benefits system and helping you fill them out."

Several said that they were also unsure about how processes for challenging decisions worked. They felt it wasn’t clear that once an application had been rejected it could be reconsidered and appealed. 

"When my application was rejected, I just accepted that I was not going to get it. I did not know that I could have appealed that decision. There is a lack of information, and it is difficult to understand."

"I applied, and didn’t get the benefit, and it wasn’t clear to me what had happened, so I couldn’t go back to them and ask why I was rejected. So I left it."



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