Social Security Experience Panels - ethnic minorities: visual summary

This summary is on research with ethnic minority groups about their past experiences of social security and the barriers that exist to them in accessing support. It provides information about the steps Social Security Scotland is taking to help overcome these barriers

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Interacting with staff

Participants said that the behaviour of public sector staff had made it harder to get benefits in the past. 

Some said that staff had been rude or hostile to them. Others said that they had been treated unfairly because of their ethnic background. For example, the way they looked, their name, or the way that they spoke. 

Several said that Social Security Scotland should have training for staff that would help them support ethnic minorities. 

They felt that staff should: 

  • Understand different cultures and how to respect them
  • Be patient and offer to speak slowly
  • Tell clients and applicants about other support available (e.g. advocates) 



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