Social Security Experience Panels: benefit take-up – visual summary

Visual summary of findings from research with Social Security Experience Panels members about their experiences of accessing the benefit system.

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Promoting Social Security Scotland benefits

We asked participants what Social Security Scotland could do to raise awareness about its benefits.

Some participants said Social Security Scotland could put more leaflets, posters and advertisements in places that people visit.

Participants suggested various locations to promote Social Security Scotland benefits. These included:

  • Hospitals and GP surgeries
  • Workplaces
  • Schools and nurseries
  • Local charities
  • Television, radio, and social media.

“It needs to be in more than one place. You’ve got to do radio, online and newspapers for example.”

“It would be good if Scottish Social Security engaged with local charities. They would take information and pass it outwards to the people that trust them.”

Others said that picking up a leaflet or seeing an advert might give people more awareness of a benefit. ­However, it might not give them enough confidence to apply for it.



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