The Scottish Shelf Model. Part 2: Pentland Firth and Orkney Waters Sub-Domain

Part 2 of the hydrodynamic model developed for Scottish waters.

Appendix E: Wave Energy Resources

Figure E.1

Figure E.2

Figure E.3a

Figure E.3b

Figure E.4a

Figure E.4b

Figure E.4c

Figure E.4d

Wave resource parameters at selected stations

Figure E.5

Figure E.6

Figure E.7

Figure E.8

Figure E.9

Figure E.10

Figure E.11

Figure E.12

Figure E.13

Figure E.14

Figure E.15

Figure E.16

Comparison with ABPmer results

Figure E.17

Figure E.18

Figure E.19

Figure E.20a

Figure E.20b

Figure E.21a

Figure E.21b

Figure E.21c

Figure E.22a

Figure E.22b

Figure E.22c

Comparison with Neil et al (2014)

Figure E.23

Figure E.24a

Figure E.24b

Figure E.24c

Figure E.25

Effect of wave-current interaction

Figure E.26

Figure E.27

Figure E.28a

Figure E.28b

Figure E.29a

Figure E.29b

Figure E.30


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