Scottish Prison Population Statistics, 2020-21

The latest longitudinal statistics on prison populations and flows into and out of prison. Includes information about the demographics of people in prison, the time they spend there, their sentences and offences.

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Supplementary Tables

The following supplementary tables are available alongside this publication in Excel format[2]

Table 1: Supplementary Tables

A1 Average Daily Populations by Source

A2 Women and Young Offenders by Source

B1 Establishment Demographics

B2 Populations by Age and Gender

B3 Ethnicity

B4 Armed Services

B5 Disability

B6 Sexual Orientation

B7 Marital Status

C1 Arrivals and Departures per Person

C2 Arrivals by Local Authority

C3 Arrivals by Deprivation

C4 Arrivals Address Types

D1 Departures by Liberation Type

D2 Departures by Time Served

D3 Time Served by Age

E1 People in prison; Full- & Part-year Individuals

E2 Full- & Part-year Demographics

M1 Population Legal Statuses

M2 Population Index Offences

M3 Population Index Sentences

O1 Arrivals

O2 Remand Time Statistics

O3 Remand Departure / Transition Offences

O4 Departures and Liberation Types

O5 Arrivals and Transitions to the Sentenced Population

O6 Arrivals by Offence Group

X1 Monthly and Quarterly Prison Populations



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