The Scottish Health Survey 2021 - volume 1: main report

Presents results for the Scottish Health Survey 2021, providing information on the health and factors relating to health of people living in Scotland.

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Editors' acknowledgements

Firstly, we would like to thank the 4,557 adults and 1,600 children across Scotland for giving up their time to participate in the 2021 survey.

We would also like to thank colleagues who contributed to the survey and this report:

  • The ScotCen and Office for National Statistics (ONS) interviewers who worked on the project and who adapted so well to the alternative mode for administering the survey. The success of the survey is in large part down to the commitment and professionalism they apply to their work every day.
  • ONS Field Operations Manager Joe Ruffell, Mandy Dalziel, Tim Fletcher, Lynne Semple, Kim Robinson, Mike Tarling and Jim Fagan.
  • Joanne McLean for her dedicated management and oversight of the Scottish Health Survey at ScotCen and Shanna Christie for her work in launching the 2021 survey.
  • Stephen Hinchliffe for his meticulous work on the Scottish Health Survey, expert analysis advice and support.
  • The authors of the chapters: Sophie Birtwistle, Erin Deakin, Rachel Whitford, Stephen Hinchliffe, Alys Daniels-Creasey and Stephen Rule, as well as Lesley Birse for careful checking and formatting.
  • Stephen Hinchcliffe, Laura Brown and Jamie Macfarlane whose hard work, attention to detail, knowledge and expertise have been invaluable to the preparation of the survey data as well as extensive analysis input to the report.
  • Food Standards Scotland for their support of the Intake24 module.
  • Caireen Roberts, David Collins, Polly Page and colleagues from the MRC Epidemiology Unit, University of Cambridge for their expert advice, preparation of dietary data and support for Intake24.
  • Other research colleagues and partners, in particular: Lesley Birse, Ana Cristina, Geraldine McNeil (University of Aberdeen) and Aziz Sheikh (University of Edinburgh).
  • Emma Fenn and colleagues in the NatCen Social Research Operations team. The principal programmer, Iain Templeton, along with Pete Baker and the team of dedicated coders.
  • Freelance designer Amanda Gratwick for her hard work on the infographic chapter summaries.
  • The NatCen Head of Data Collection Warren Lovell, Julie Foster, and Field Performance Managers, Jennifer Tarney, Chris Morgan, Russell Collins and Deborah Healey.

Ethical approval for the study was granted by the Research Committee for Wales (17/WA/0371). We are grateful to the committee, and its co-ordinator Dr Corrine Scott, for their careful scrutiny and on-going support.

Finally, special thanks are due to Julie Landsberg, Morag Shepherd, Xanthippi Gounari, Jamie Macfarlane and colleagues in the Scottish Government Health Directorates, for their continued support at all stages of the project.

Stephen Hinchliffe and Victoria Wilson.



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