Scottish Greenhouse Gas Statistics 2020

Official statistics showing emissions of greenhouse gases in Scotland over the period 1990 to 2020.


1. IPCC's 4th Assessment Report:

2. The Kyoto Protocol allows Parties flexibility to choose either 1990 or 1995 as the base year for the industrial gases. Using a 1995 base year is in line with the approach adopted by the UK Government and many EU Member States.

3. Emissions of GHGs from offshore oil and gas exploration and production are classified within the Greenhouse Gas Inventory as "Unallocated" emissions and not attributed to any of the devolved administrations.


5. Source Met Office:



8. Annex 1 countries are required to submit information on their national greenhouse gas inventories annually to the UNFCCC.


10. While almost all gases are reported with a baseline year of 1990, F-gases are reported with baseline year 1995, therefore figures reported against the baseline year may vary very slightly from those reported against 1990.


12. The level of fair and safe Scottish emissions budget is determined directly from the advice of the UK Committee on Climate Change. The Committee's most recent advice on this matter was provided in December 2020:



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