Scottish Government procurement strategy: April 2022 to March 2024

Scottish Government procurement strategy covering the period from April 2022 to March 2024.

8. Supplier Engagement and Contract Management

8.1 Supplier Engagement

We are continuously developing new ways to engage with the supplier community. We consult through a number of mediums including round tables, conferences, forums and the representative groups such as the PSG.

We have a comprehensive and joined-up set of tools, policy support and guidance which together help simplify our processes and enable buyers and suppliers to access procurement information and opportunities more easily. These include our PCS portal and the Procurement and Supplier Journeys which are summarised in Appendix 2.

Supplier Engagement

  • Meet the Buyer
  • Forecasted Tender Opportunities
  • Current Tender Opportunities
  • Guidance on how to bid: Supplier Journey
  • Register for Updates
  • Contract Notices
  • Concerns or Queries; Single point of Enquiry
  • Supplier Development Programme

8.2 SMEs, Supported Businesses and Third Sector

To facilitate the involvement of SMEs, the third sector and supported businesses and to make it easier for them to find and bid for contracts, opportunities will continue to be advertised through PCS cementing the portal’s role as the ‘one-stop shop’ for procurement opportunities in Scotland.

We will use our market knowledge, systems and processes to improve access and will split large requirements into specialist or geographical lots to open the opportunities to SMEs, and where appropriate, apply lot-limiting or multi-supplier strategies to ensure a fairer share of business.

In accordance with our commitments in the action plans that underpin Scotland’s Social Enterprise Strategy 2016-2026, we will continue to work with supported businesses across Scotland, seeking creative ways to enable them to flourish commercially and sustain employment for disabled and disadvantaged people.

The Scottish Government’s multi-lot, multi-supplier framework for the provision of commodities reserved for supported businesses has been extended to December 2022. Early scoping work has begun on a replacement framework which includes consideration of a Dynamic Purchasing System for supported businesses.

We will continue to offer advice, workshops and learning through the Business Support for the Third Sector contract (currently delivered through the Just Enterprise consortium) as part of a coherent ecosystem of business support for social enterprise.

8.3 Supply Chains Development Programme

Economic Development, Procurement and Enterprise teams are collaborating to drive our Supply Chains Development Programme in key sectors of the economy where we see genuine sustainable economic potential, with a particular focus on building supply chains critical to our response to the climate emergency and a just transition to net zero.

8.4 Contract Management

Effective engagement with our suppliers through early market engagement and ongoing contract management is critical to delivering outcomes through procurement. We are using the national electronic contract management system, PCS-Tender, to support strategic contract management in Scottish Government.

Contract managers must complete the mandatory Contract and Supplier Management (CSM) essentials e-learning module before contract handover. Further interactive training is available with each additional module covering a specialist topic:

  • Project Management and Planning;
  • Contract Process;
  • Contract Documentation;
  • Performance Management;
  • Financial Management; and
  • Stakeholder and Supplier Management.

A dedicated team provide support and guidance to those who manage Scottish Government contracts. Help is available with:

  • contract handover and implementation;
  • contract management training;
  • contract dispute resolution;
  • contract variations and extensions;
  • commercial support in supplier meetings;
  • supplier financial checks, insurance and business probity; and
  • supplier performance data and benefits tracking.



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