Scottish Government procurement strategy: April 2022 to March 2024

Scottish Government procurement strategy covering the period from April 2022 to March 2024.

1. Foreword from Nick Ford, Director, Procurement and Property

An introduction to the procurement strategy by Nick Ford is also available to view in video format.

As we look to the future and the economic and societal challenges we face, we must be bold, progressive and ambitious, leveraging the full Power of Procurement as we continue to deliver on our obligation to provide better impact and outcomes for the people of Scotland.

We will use our spending power in a way that is good for business in Scotland, and good for the employees of those businesses. We will develop our local economies and communities by spending in a way that sustains further growth, creates more jobs, prosperity and fuels a healthy national economy.

As we strive to become a Net Zero Nation, it’s also imperative that we become a Fairer Scotland, doing more for the places and people we serve. Not only do we want Scotland to be the best place to do business, we also want it to be the best place to live and work and we will continue to work in a way that is mindful of our impact on society with Fair Work as our foundation.

The Scottish Government is committed to establishing a National Care Service (NCS) by the end of this parliament to ensure a quality, fairness and consistency of care provision that meets individuals’ needs, regardless of where they live in Scotland.

We will continue to engage with experts to develop the final scope of a National Care Service – to improve future services and make things better for everyone. By taking an ethical approach to commissioning and procurement of care, we aim to create better conditions for workers and commit to sustainable procurement practice. We will build on current models of good practice, and have already engaged with public bodies in the early stages of co-design.

We remain at the forefront of innovative and ambitious procurement policy and processes, and will continue to strive and push the boundaries of all we can achieve. This strategy is a key element in our plan for the future and sets out how we will:

  • strengthen the role of procurement as an enabler of economic recovery;
  • drive maximum savings, benefits and efficiency of approach for the taxpayer and provide excellent stewardship of Scotland’s resources;
  • create a more joined up approach to procurement and property across the Scottish public sector; and
  • improve capability of staff, systems and processes across the public sector.

With our progressive approach and innovative thinking, we can deliver Fair Work practices, a strong recovery and provide maximum value for the communities, businesses and people of Scotland.

Nick Ford – Director, Procurement and Property



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