Scottish Government information management strategy

The Scottish Government information management strategy (December 2021).

'I know what information we have and where it's stored'

eRDM is the Scottish Government corporate Electronic Record and Document Management System [EDRMS]. It must be used to create and store our official records and documents and share information with colleagues.

We must:

  • value our information as a precious asset, which underpins our everyday business. We treat it as no less valuable than people, finances and infrastructure;
  • proactively improve the information management skills of all staff;
  • create business and digital solutions to analyse, transform and streamline the structure and business value of our legacy data;
  • ensure the roles and responsibilities for managing our information assets throughout their lifecycle are not just assigned, they drive information management best practice, continuous improvement and quality assurance in our day to day business;
  • reduce duplication and rework through better business processes supported by automation and value its creation through the provision of reuse opportunities; and
  • ensure wherever possible that our information has a single point of truth.



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