Scottish Government information management strategy

The Scottish Government information management strategy (December 2021).

What's in it for the Scottish Government?

Good IM provides the SG with the following benefits:

  • preserves for the public record decisions being made now which will become our history of the future;
  • enables us to provide a more effective service to stakeholders and the public with greater transparency around the information we hold;
  • preserves our reputation with the people of Scotland and enables us to meet expectations of how we will manage their information;
  • builds trust in the quality of our information both for employees and the people of Scotland;
  • supports informed decision and policy making;
  • good IM enables employees handling FOI requests to locate and retrieve information easily within the required timescales;
  • ensures compliance with legal requirements;
  • increases our efficiency by enabling us to get the most out of the information we hold and to re-use it, which prevents us having to start all over again each time;
  • reduces levels of information-related risk and ensures that our information is protected and secure;
  • provides confidence and assurance to the Senior Information Risk Owner (SIRO) that we are managing information risk in the SG; and
  • through the role of Information Asset Owners (IAOs), ensures that we are aware of our information assets and how to manage them.

The Senior Information Risk Owner (SIRO) leads the Scottish Government's response on information risk and is accountable to the Permanent Secretary.



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