How to prevent the spread of ragwort: guidance

The guide offers advice to prevent and control the spread of ragwort where there is a threat to the health and welfare of animals.

Appendix 8: useful publications

Scottish Government Publications

  • Pesticides: Code of Practice for Using Plant Protection Products in Scotland (ISBN 0-7559-5093-3)
  • Prevention of Environmental Pollution From Agricultural Activity (PEPFAA) (ISBN 0-7559-4106-3)

Copies of the Pesticide Code and PEPFAA are also available from Blackwell's Bookshop, 53 South Bridge, Edinburgh, EH1 1YS, Tel No: 0131 622 8283/58, Fax orders 0131 557 8149 or email

UK Government Publications

  • The Weeds Act 1959 Preventing the spread of harmful weeds (2002)*
  • The Weeds Act 1959 Guidance on the methods that can be used to control harmful weeds ( PB 7190) (2002)
  • Weed Identification ( PB 4192) Provides guidance on weed identification including ragwort species (1999)
  • Code of Good Agricultural Practice for the Protection of Air ( MAFF, 1998 PB 0618) Provides guidance on avoiding air pollution from odours, ammonia and smoke
  • Code of Good Agricultural Practice for the Protection of Water ( MAFF, 1998 PB 0587) Provides guidance on pesticide storage, use and disposal
  • Single Payment Scheme Handbook and Guidance for England: 2006 Edition ( SP 5) Guidance on weed control on set-aside land
  • Cross Compliance Handbook for England: 2006 Edition ( PB 11035) Guidance on weed control on set-aside land

Copies of all numbered UK Government publications can be obtained from:

Defra Publications
Admail 6000
London SW1A 2XX
Tel No: 08459 556 000

And are also available on the Defra website

* Only available on the Defra website.

Other Publications

  • Scottish Agricultural College Technical Note: Ragwort Poisoning in Livestock: Prevention and Control - TN570
  • The UK Pesticide Guide ( CAB Publishing) ( ISBN 1-84593-2293) Annual publication of available pesticides and adjuvants in the UK for use in agriculture, horticulture, forestry and amenity situations
  • English Nature - The Herbicide Handbook: Guidance on the use of herbicides on nature conservation sites, 2003. ISBN 1 85716 746 5. Available on
  • English Nature Information Note - Towards a Ragwort management strategy 2003 Information note on the control of common ragwort
  • "A Guide to Animal Welfare in Nature Conservation Grazing" (Grazing Animal Project 2001). Available from GAP Office, The Kiln, Mather Road, Newark, Nottinghamshire NG24 1WT. Tel: 01636 670095. Email: Provides guidance on the management of stock on nature conservation sites.
  • "Guidance for Safer Temporary Traffic Management", published by the Transport Research Laboratory Ltd ISBN 0 9521860 98 (
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