Scottish farm business income: annual estimates 2022-2023

Farm business level estimates of average incomes for 2022-2023. An Accredited Official Statistics publication for Scotland.

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This report provides estimates of farm business income (FBI), or farm income, for the accounting year 2022-23, which relates to the 2022 crop year. FBI is the total income available to the people who draw money from the farm business, usually the owners or partners who are not paid a regular wage. Figures are rounded to the nearest hundred and adjusted for inflation using GDP deflators.

This analysis is based on a survey of around 400 commercial farms (whose standard output exceeds around £20,000). The sample excludes farm types not in receipt of support payments (such as pigs, poultry and horticulture). The survey sample is weighted using results from the 2022 June Agricultural Census.

Our infographic provides an overview of farm incomes in 2022-23.

All data tables are available to download under supporting documents

An Accredited Official Statistics Publication for Scotland

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These accredited official statistics were independently reviewed by the OSR in November 2020. The accreditation notice is available on the OSR website.

Accredited official statistics are called National Statistics in the Statistics and Registration Service Act 2007.

Scottish Government statistics are regulated by the OSR. OSR sets the standards of trustworthiness, quality and value in the Code of Practice for Statistics that all producers of official statistics should adhere to.


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