Scottish farm business income: annual estimates 2022-2023

Farm business level estimates of average incomes for 2022-2023. An Accredited Official Statistics publication for Scotland.

Agricultural income is profitable for the average farm

Total average farm income is calculated from the following income streams:

  • agricultural activity
  • contracting activity
  • diversified activity
  • support payments

For the first time since 2012-13, the first period from which comparable data exists, farms on average made a profit from agricultural activity, although there is still considerable difference across different farms and farm types. The average farm generated £12,800 in agricultural income, an increase of £17,800 from the loss made in 2021-22.

However, average agricultural activity was not profitable for all farm types.  Livestock farms, excluding dairy farms, continue to make a loss from agricultural activity. LFA cattle and sheep farms made the largest loss of £43,100 from agricultural activity in 2022-23.

Figure 7: Breakdown of contributions to farm income by farm type, 2022-23.

A stacked bar chart shows the contributions to average farm income from support payments, diversified income and agricultural income, for different farm types.

Average incomes from support payments, contracting and diversified activities vary less than agricultural income by farm type. The average farm in 202223 gained £40,500 from support payments and grants, £5,200 from contract farming and £5,000 from diversified activities.


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