Scottish Employer Perspectives Survey 2019: research report

Comprehensive research report outlining the results of a survey of employers in Scotland regarding their approach to recruitment and training.

Appendix C: Sector Definitions

Where respondents did not agree with the classification of their establishment, they were asked to give a description of the organisation’s activities, using an approach developed by IFF over multiple surveys. The data was coded to 4 digit Standard Industrial Classification (2007), and subsequently grouped into the sector categories used for analysis and reporting. In total, just over one in five respondents (21%) disagreed with the classification of their establishment. 

The table below shows the 12 sectors and their corresponding SIC 2007 definitions.

Sector SIC 2007
Primary sector and Utilities A - Agriculture, forestry and fishing (01-03) Including farming, hunting and other related service activities, forestry and logging, fishing and aquaculture B - Mining and quarrying (05-09) Including mining of coal, metals, sand/stone/clay, and extraction of crude petroleum and natural gas D - Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply (35)  E - Water supply, sewerage, waste management and remediation activities (36-39)  Including electric power generation, transmission and distribution, manufacture of gas and distribution of gaseous fuels, steam and air conditioning supply, water collection, treatment and supply, sewerage and waste collection, treatment and disposal activities and materials recovery
Manufacturing C - Manufacturing (10-33)  Including manufacture of food and beverages, textiles, chemicals and chemical products, basic pharmaceutical products, other mineral products, manufacture of metals and metal products, machinery, computer and electronic products and equipment, motor vehicles and other transport equipment, furniture, and repair and installation of machinery and equipment
Construction F - Construction (41-43)  Including the construction of buildings, civil engineering (constructing roads, railways and other utility projects), demolition, and specialised activities such as electrical installation, roofing and scaffold erection
Wholesale and Retail G - Wholesale and retail trade; repair of motor vehicles and motor cycles (45-47)  Including sale, maintenance and repair of motor vehicles, parts and accessories, nonvehicle wholesale (for example agriculture, food, household goods), and the retail trade of all products whether in stores, stalls, markets, mail order or online
Hotels and Restaurants I - Accommodation and food service activities (55-56)  Including hotels, campsites, youth hostels, holiday centres, villages and other short stay accommodation, restaurants and takeaways, event catering and licensed clubs, pubs and bars
Transport and Communications H - Transport and storage (49-53)  Including land, water and air transport (passenger and freight), warehousing and support activities for transportation, postal and courier activities.  J - Information and communication (58-63)  Including land, water and air transport (passenger and freight), warehousing and support activities for transportation, postal and courier activities, publishing (books, journals, newspapers etc. and software/computer games), television, film and music production, broadcasting, telecommunications, computer programming and consultancy, information service activities (e.g. data processing and hosting)
Financial Services K - Financial and insurance activities (64-66)  Including banks and building societies, activities of holding companies, trusts, funds and similar financial entities, credit granting, pensions, insurance and reinsurance
Business services L - Real estate activities (68)  M - Professional, scientific and technical activities (69-75)  N - Administrative and support service activities (77-82)  Including the buying, selling and renting of real estate, legal activities, accounting, bookkeeping and auditing, management consultancy, architectural and engineering activities, scientific research and development, advertising and market research, specialist design, photographic activities, translation and interpretation, veterinary activities, renting and leasing of tangible goods (motors, household, machinery), employment agencies, travel agencies and tour operations, security and investigation activities, office administration and business support



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