Scottish Employer Perspectives Survey 2019: research report

Comprehensive research report outlining the results of a survey of employers in Scotland regarding their approach to recruitment and training.

List of tables

Table 1.1 ROA Region Definitions

Table 2.1 Changes to the Scotland establishment populations by size and sector since 2016

Table 2.2 Employer and employment population by ROA region

Table 3.1 Factors looked for when recruiting, by size and sector, 2019

Table 3.2 Recruitment of young people and those over 50 amongst those who had recruited, by region

Table 3.3 Recruitment methods used to reach young people by role recruited, 2019

Table 3.4 Recruitment of education leavers by Scottish region, 2019

Table 4.1 Awareness of and engagement with DYW Regional Groups, by region, 2019

Table 4.2 Whether any work experience placements led to permanent or long-term paid employment by broad type of placement, 2019

Table 5.1 Training incidence and source by size and sector over time

Table 5.2 Awareness and use of specific Government initiatives, overall and by size

Table 6.1 Average number of apprentices

Table 6.2 Length of a typical apprenticeship offered

Table 6.3 Awareness and use of Graduate and Foundation Apprenticeships



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