Scottish COVID-19 Mental Health Tracker Study: Wave 3 Report

Wave 3 findings (data collected between 1 October and 4 November 2020) indicate that young adults, women, people with physical and/or mental health conditions, and people in a lower socio-economic group are more likely to report experiencing poor mental health.

Annex 1: Ethnicity findings

Table A: Wave 3 ethnicity grouping
What is your ethnic group? N %
White 1573 96.8
Asian 29 1.8
Black 6 0.4
Mixed 12 0.7
Other/ prefer not to say 5 0.3

In total, ethnic minorities made up 3.1% of the sample, and therefore were too small a group to report on within the main report. Looking at the main mental health outcomes at Wave 3, ethnic minority groups were significantly higher on suicidal thoughts only (see Table B). There were no other statistically significant differences.

Table B: Main mental health outcomes by ethnic group.
Mental Health White Ethnic Minority
Suicidal thoughts 9.4% 26.0%
Depressive symptoms (PHQ-9 >10) 21.2% 27.9%
Anxiety symptoms (GAD-7 >10) 15.9% 22.1%
High GHQ-12 (GHQ-12 >4) 31.9% 33.7%



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