Scottish COVID-19 Mental Health Tracker Study: Wave 3 Report

Wave 3 findings (data collected between 1 October and 4 November 2020) indicate that young adults, women, people with physical and/or mental health conditions, and people in a lower socio-economic group are more likely to report experiencing poor mental health.

Annex 4: Perceptions of phase 3 easing of lockdown

At the time of Wave 3 survey, 38.4% of respondents felt that lockdown was being eased at just the right speed, while 39.4% of respondents felt the restrictions were being lifted too quickly.

Table E: Responses to concerns about the easing of the COVID-19 restrictions (Phase 3).
Concern about easing of COVID-19 restrictions Strongly agree (%) Agree (%) Disagree (%) Strongly disagree (%)
Been worried that my risk of getting COVID-19 has increased 13.0 42.0 34.7 10.4
Been worried that the risk of a loved one getting COVID-19 has increased 18.9 46.4 27.5 7.2
Not felt safe to go out 8.0 24.3 45.6 22.1
Been affected negatively by the fact that others seem to be living more normally than I am 12.1 28.5 40.9 18.5
Felt concerned about other people's ability/willingness to follow COVID-19 restriction guidelines 32.4 44.2 16.4 7.0
Felt concerned about contracting/catching COVID-19 at my place of work 10.5 22.1 30.5 37.0
Felt concerned about a second wave of COVID-19 32.3 48.5 13.1 6.1



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