Scotland's marine economic statistics 2018

Statistics on the economic contributions of Scotland’s marine sectors in 2018. Includes a time series of Gross Value Added (GVA), turnover and employment for industrial categories defined as part of the marine sector.

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13. Related reports and statistics

13.1 National Marine Assessment

The 2017 Marine Economic Statistics were used in the National Marine Assessment to be published in 2020. The assessment provides the evidence base for the National Marine Plan. The plan is due to be reviewed in 2021 and will consider the economic value of the marine environment alongside environmental considerations.  

13.2 SABS Growth Sector Statistics 

SABS Growth Sector Statistics present sustainable tourism information in support of national strategies on increasing the economic contribution from sectors where Scotland has a distinct comparative advantage. This information has been used in the relevant sections of this statistical bulletin.  

13.3 The economic contribution of the Maritime sector in Scotland: 

Maritime UK is an organisation that brings together the UK's shipping, ports, services, engineering and leisure marine industries to promote and benefit the sector. In 2019, they commissioned and published the report: The economic contribution of the Maritime sector in Scotland[12]. This report presents Scotland's maritime economy and focuses on industries specific to the interest of Maritime UK members. The Maritime sector was defined as consisting of the Shipping, Ports, Marine and Maritime Business Services industries. Marine Oil and Gas activities are also included. Maritime UK's report estimated that in 2017 the Maritime sector directly supported just under £9.9 billion in turnover, £3.7 billion in GVA and 41,000 jobs in Scotland. The Maritime UK's report and these marine economic statistics are therefore related, but not the same.  

The Maritime UK analysis was initially a one-off project producing a suite of reports in 2017, however, updated versions have been produced since. The marine economic statistics are produced as an annual series, which requires regular consistent data sources to produce time series data. For this reason, the contents of the latest Maritime UK report will be analysed to establish whether additional industry sectors could usefully be included in the Marine Economic Statistics, bearing in mind the need for suitable, reliably-available source data.  

13.4 Other source reports

The methodology annex describes the statistical publications that were used in the estimations presented in this bulletin.



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