Scotland's International Strategy

This strategy sets out our approach to international engagement and delivery to the end of the current parliamentary term.

5. Conclusion

Our new International Strategy recognises that to deliver our domestic priorities effectively in an increasingly interconnected world, Scotland needs to act internationally. This will require a ‘Team Scotland’ approach that brings together the wide range of agencies and partners that work to enhance Scotland’s international presence and outcomes.

By prioritising our international activity around three core themes, we are focusing our efforts on those areas that play to Scotland’s strengths such as our world-leading higher education institutions and cultural heritage, as well as on areas that present significant opportunities such as the digital economy and artificial intelligence.

As we work to deliver the actions set out in this strategy, we will provide updates on our progress on a regular basis. As part of this, we will outline progress annually via our International Network annual report, which sets out key achievements of the Scottish Government’s International Network. This annual report will include a high-level assessment of the key themes and priorities set out in this document, and how we have delivered on these.

The values, priorities and actions outlined in this strategy will apply regardless of Scotland’s constitutional position, but the contribution that Scotland could make, and the benefits it could receive, would be significantly enhanced with the powers of independence rather than devolution.



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