Scotland River Temperature Monitoring Network (SRTMN)

Research to improve our understanding of river temperature.

Collaborating organisations

Original SRTMN Collaborators

New SRTMN Collaborators

The design of the SRTMN was delivered through a scientific collaboration between Marine Scotland Science Freshwater Fisheries Laboratory (MSS-FFL) and the University of Birmingham. Data collection, quality control and storage are delivered through collaboration between MSS-FFL, local river and fisheries trusts and boards that allows the efficient use of collective resources to provide a co-ordinated response to monitoring and understanding of thermal regimes in Scottish rivers.

Schematic of SRTMN processes and collaborator roles.
Schematic diagram showing the varying roles of SRTM collaborators that include survey design; land access permission; logger calibration, deployment, download and maintenance; database infrastructure; quality control; data analysis and publication. Marine Scotland Science is involved in all aspects of the work. River and fisheries trusts and boards facilitate requests to access land and undertake logger deployment, maintenance and download. Local landowners grant permission for monitoring. Collaborators at the University of Birmingham have contributed towards network design, data analysis and publication.
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