Publication - Strategy/plan

Scotland: a trading nation

A plan for growing Scotland's exports.

Scotland: a trading nation
3. Strategic choice 1: how best to support our ongoing businesses?

3.2 Ownership profile of top 500 exporting businesses

Of the 100 businesses exporting the most from Scotland, the vast majority are owned outwith Scotland – with only 14% being owned in Scotland. Another 19% are owned in the rest of the UK.

This contrasts with the ownership profile of the next 400 exporters with over a third owned in Scotland.

Ownership Profile Chart

Source: Based on data from Export Statistics Scotland 2017

This chart also highlights the importance of foreign direct investment (FDI) to exports given that 60% of exports are delivered by the first 100 exporting businesses and 67% are owned outside the UK. Increasing FDI can have a further positive impact on exports as foreign owned businesses tend to be more internationally focused and export orientated.

Size of top 500 exporting businesses

While a high proportion of businesses in the top 100 exporters are large businesses, it is interesting to note that 74% of businesses in the next 400 exporters are SMEs.

Source: Based on data from Export Statistics Scotland 2017