Scotland: a trading nation

A plan for growing Scotland's exports.

2.2 Our strategic choices: who, what, where, when and how

A Trading Nation strives to provide answers to four key questions.

  • What are the export strengths we should promote?
  • Where should we promote these strengths and when should we step up our presence in these markets?
  • Who should we work with most intensively to boost our export performance?
  • How do we best configure government and wider support to deliver our export goals?

Answering these questions presents a number of dilemmas. Should we play to our current export strengths or should we put more effort into developing or emerging strengths? Should we promote our exports to established markets of today or put more focus on emerging markets of tomorrow? When should we step up our presence in overseas markets and which businesses should we work with to boost Scotland’s exports? Should we work with established exporters or concentrate more on creating new exporters? How do we best focus and align support in key markets?

A Trading Nation answers these questions and sets out the evidence based strategic choices we have made to focus our efforts and drive up Scotland’s exports performance.

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