School Estate Statistics 2021

Results of the 2021 School Estates Core Facts Survey.

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Chapter 1: Introduction

This publication contains information collected in the annual School Estates Core Facts Survey. The survey collects information on the condition, suitability and capacity of all local authority schools open on 1st April. Information is also collected on all schools that were built or substantially refurbished during the year (1st April to 31st March).

It does not cover grant-aided schools, independent schools or early learning and childcare establishments.

This publication contains information from the 2021 survey, covering:

  • Schools open on 1st April 2021.
  • Schools built or substantially refurbished between 1st April 2020 and 31st March 2021.

Further local authority and school level information is provided in the supplementary tables.

These statistics are used to monitor progress in improving the school estate and inform future spending decisions.

1.1: 2020 school estates data for Dundee City

At the time of publication of School Estate Statistics 2020 data was not available for Dundee City. Tables in that publication therefore used 2019 Dundee City data where appropriate, with data missing in those tables where 2019 data would not provide an accurate reflection of 2020.

It was intended for revisions to those figures to be included in this publication after 2020 data for Dundee City had become available. However, Dundee City have subsequently confirmed that their condition, suitability and capacity information was the same as 2019 and no building projects had been completed in 2019-20. Therefore the figures included in School Estate Statistics 2020 did not need revised.

Please see section 6.2 of the background notes for more information.

1.2: Key definitions

School condition

  • This is the current state of the fabric of the school building.

School suitability

  • This is a measure of whether a school building is fit for the purpose of delivering the education curriculum.

Please see the Glossary for further definitions.



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