Results from the Scottish Agricultural Census: June 2023

Final results from the 2023 June Agricultural Census on land use, crop areas, livestock and the number of people working on agricultural holdings. Estimates for 2022 are published in the supporting documents.

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Total poultry in 2023 was around 11.7 million

There was an estimated 5.98 million poultry birds for egg production in 2023. There was an estimated 4.67 million birds for meat production. Estimates for 2023 are not comparable to previous years due to methodological improments. 

Figure 12: Number of birds for meat and egg production between 2013 to 2023

Line chart with two lines for birds for meat and birds for egg production between 2013 and 2023. In 2013 there were more birds for meat production (8.09 million birds) compared to birds for egg production (4.78 million birds). In 2015 the number of birds becomes similar however there has been a decline since 2021 to 2023, with birds for meat production (4.67 million) and birds for eggs production (5.98 million).



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