Results from the Scottish Agricultural Census: June 2023

Final results from the 2023 June Agricultural Census on land use, crop areas, livestock and the number of people working on agricultural holdings. Estimates for 2022 are published in the supporting documents.

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Pig numbers increase compared with five year average  

Pigs are categorised as follows: breeding herd (sows in pig, gilts in pig, and other sows) and other pigs (barren sows for fattening, gilts used for breeding, boars, and liveweight pigs).

The number of pigs has increased compared with the five year average. In June 2023, there were around 343,600 pigs - a rise of five per cent.

In 2023, numbers of other pigs was at 302,000  matching the overall five percent increase against the five year average. However, the total breeding herd fell by seven per cent from the five year average (from 33,500 to 31,100 pigs).

Information on pig numbers in this section has a gap in 2022 due to the survey being paused in 2022.

Figure 13: Number of pigs between 2013 to 2023

Line chart of total pig numbers between 2013 (307,800 number) and 2023 (343,600 number).



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