Results from the Scottish Agricultural Census: June 2023

Final results from the 2023 June Agricultural Census on land use, crop areas, livestock and the number of people working on agricultural holdings. Estimates for 2022 are published in the supporting documents.


Errata published on 12 December 2023: a correction has been made to the cattle numbers in the 2023 June Agricultural Census.  

In 2023, we moved from one data provider to another for the cattle numbers. Following additional data quality assurance we have identified areas where further investigation is needed with this change. The 2023 June Agricultural Census cattle numbers, therefore, will revert to using the previous data collection route. Please note this correction mainly impacts calves data. Changes have been made to the publication infographic, html page “Steady decline in number of beef cows as number of dairy cows increases” and Tables 3, 12, 16 and 17.  

We will continue to work with our data providers to investigate and will update users as part of June Agricultural Census 2024.  



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