Scotland's Nuisance Calls Commission: our response and action plan

Response to Scotland’s Nuisance Calls Commission, with actions to empower and protect individuals and encourage better business behaviour.


For too long, the problem of nuisance calls has been accepted - an inconvenience for most that many assume will never change. However, as we better understand the consequences and harm that can result, it is clear we must act.

As this document shows, solving the problem is as necessary as it is challenging. However, the Nuisance Calls Commission demonstrates that there is a collective and determined willingness across consumer groups, industry and enforcement agencies to protect people and hold the worst offenders to account.

The actions outlined in this plan, from partnerships between members to deliver a concerted week of campaigning, to interagency cooperation to identify people most in need of call blocking technology, are proof of what can be achieved when that collective energy is harnessed. We will play our part by implementing and building on the actions we've committed to here. We now urge the UK Government to show similar commitment and ensure that people all across the UK are protected from a nuisance calls epidemic that has already gone on too long.

The Nuisance Calls Commission had, in some ways, a narrow scope, but in others, it represents a larger vision of the Scotland we want to build. We established it because, even though our powers are limited, the role of government is to improve the lives of its citizens, and to ensure that those who are most vulnerable are protected.

That's a role we can only achieve with the support of industry and regulators all working together to meet that common purpose. Our aim as we expand this work on nuisance calls to a greater emphasis on safeguarding our most vulnerable consumers from scams and unscrupulous business practices more generally is to ensure we embed that commitment across Scotland so that we all play our part in creating a culture that values fairness, safety and equality.


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