Research on the pub sector in Scotland phase 1: scoping study

Study to help Scottish Ministers to decide whether legislation on the operation of pub companies in Scotland needs to be introduced.

Annex 1: Role of Project Sounding Board

At the initial instigation of the project, the Scottish Government Project team convened a Sounding Board of key senior Scottish Licensed Trade figures, both from relevant trade associations and related businesses, with a defined interest and influence in the sector.

The primary role of the Sounding Board was to assist CGA produce the study based on the following key areas:

  • To assist in identifying and supplying all relevant reports to CGA to ensure they had access to best known information
  • To provide advice to CGA to identify what might work best to be able to extract information from those operating in the pub sector
  • To encourage all parts of the pub sector to assist CGA, by providing relevant information
  • To promote this study within their relevant networks and positively encourage through messaging, publications and advice to members of each body
  • To help identify willing participants to the case studies (this was to be done in a way which protected the identity of the participant and was not to be shared amongst the group or Government but provided direct to CGA to anonymise accordingly), and advise relevant criteria on which to base the case study
  • The Group's purpose was not to discuss the merits of their own interest but to provide information and contact details that would help CGA to come to a view


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