Research on the pub sector in Scotland phase 1: scoping study

Study to help Scottish Ministers to decide whether legislation on the operation of pub companies in Scotland needs to be introduced.

Annex 4: Overview of tenant's face to face questionnaires

Independent Free Trade Partially Tied Fully tied
Classification of Pub: IFT, Partial Tie or Tied? X X X
Who is the current Pub Co / Brewer? X X X
What is the Licensees Name? X X X
Do you have all the pre-requested documentation? X X X
What is your personal history with the pub and the trade? X X X
What are your operational and ownership arrangements? X X X
What advice did you take when taking your pub? X X X
Why did you choose / select the pub and business model you operate? X X X
Are there issues with your landlords and how might they be resolved? X X
For what products are you tied? X X
What are, and how much do you pay for, your leading products (including machines)? X X X
How much (estimated average %) have your drinks / machine play prices changed in the last 3 years? X X X
What is your annual turnover exclusive of tax (for the last financial year)? X X X
Who supplies your drinks products? X X X
What are your rental/property costs? X X
Does your pub/lease come with personal accommodation? X X
What is your overall sales mix %? / Overall GP margins? X X X
How would you evaluate the list of SCORFA benefits you have received? X X X
Additional comments / any other submissions X X X


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