Research on the pub sector in Scotland phase 1: scoping study

Study to help Scottish Ministers to decide whether legislation on the operation of pub companies in Scotland needs to be introduced.

Annex 7: SCORFA Benefits

A supplemental guidance survey was included in each individual interview to assist both the respondent and CGA with ensuring that coverage and understanding of SCORFA benefits was as comprehensive and inclusive as possible. The list was provided by the BBPA and includes the most detailed industry approved/ recognised definitions currently available.

1. Business Help

  • Difference between the rent we pay the owner of the property & what we charge our tenants
  • Demographic analysis of market
  • Access to financial loans at relatively low cost / interest free
  • Holding of the Tenants inventory
  • Payment days can be amended to assist cash flow
  • Seasonal rents
  • Services of a dedicated BDM / RM
  • Free Accountant provided by brewery
  • Free Stock taker provided by brewery
  • Provision of free stock for business development or cash flow assistance
  • Business support - business recovery, rent steps and no Upward Only Rent Review

2. Legal and compliance

  • Health and Safety manual employment support service
  • Licensing support service
  • Legal / Compliance
  • Lease assignment services
  • Compliance advice and support

3. Property

  • Property insurance
  • Architect / Surveyor services/Planning Liaison
  • Development investment
  • Maintenance Cap Ex (Sewage systems, wiring, plumbing, etc.)
  • Repairs carried out - average spend per annum
  • Cellar cooling provision and maintenance
  • Boiler certification / gas checks
  • Electrical Test & Report
  • Fire risk assessment
  • Fire compliance works
  • Sewage treatment plants
  • PAT testing
  • Signage and external appearance packages (Ex Dec)
  • Rate reviews & challenges carried out by property consultants
  • Asbestos Testing
  • Cask Marque accreditation - funded or part funded
  • BII Membership
  • Publicans Morning Advertiser subscription
  • FLVA membership

4. Memberships and Subscriptions

5. Marketing and PR

  • Marketing Advice and investment
  • Marketing tool box / support kit
  • PR Advice and support
  • Provision of a microsite to advertise your pub on the company website
  • Purchase of domain name for the pub and ongoing site registration
  • Access to a website provider at preferential rates
  • Online accommodation booking facility / Table reservation systems provided
  • Promotional materials advising on maximising profit from events
  • Free / subsidised Wi-Fi
  • Free / subsidised Sky TV
  • Pub awards - internal and external

6. Products and Product Support

  • Discount offered in tied products against wholesale trade prices
  • Cellar and beer raising equipment
  • Line cleaning fluid / services
  • Flow meters / Dedicated Regional Dispense Manager to advise on best cellar practice
  • gaming support
  • logistics support
  • Access to local craft beers through SIBA direct delivery service
  • Everyday low pricing on a range of packaged beer and cider / Monthly featured cask ale

7. Consultancy / Business Services

  • Food consultancy services (online, consultants, suppliers)
  • Services of a wine development manager and online menu production.
  • Buying Group membership fees
  • Reduced rates offered by suppliers to licensee members
  • Benefit from centralised energy advice and consultancy
  • Banking / Chip & PIN / EPOS deals
  • Mystery visits - free/subsidised
  • Gaming management/advice
  • Introduction and referral scheme

8. Training

  • Initial training on taking a pub
  • Ongoing training courses for licensees and their staff
  • Cellar training
  • Retailer staff recruitment
  • Roadshows

9. Other unquantifiable benefits

  • Ease of Surrender
  • Rent to reflect material change of circumstance
  • Part of family brewery brand
  • Flex of SP&B Machine Share from 50% to 10% to relieve distress
  • Free of Tie on certain products
  • Access to low cost dispute resolution / rent arbitration ( PIRRS, PICAS)


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