Research Data Scotland – Full Business Case

The Research Data Scotland (RDS) Full Business Case (FBC) sets out proposals for the establishment of a new national service that has the potential to save time, money and lives.

Appendix One – Glossary

Term / Abbreviation


ADR UK Administrative Data Research, United Kingdom
BAU Business as usual
CIC Community Interest Company
CLG Company Limited by Guarantee
CLS Company Limited by Shares
CSF Critical success factor
CRB Cash releasing benefits
DEA Digital Economy Act 2017 (UK act)
DPA Data Protection Act 2018
DWP Department of Work and Pensions
eDRIS eData Research and Innovation Service
EPB Existing public body
EPCC Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre
ESRC Economic and Social Research Council
EU ENISA European Network and Information Security Agency
EU NIS European Union Directive on Security of Network and Information Systems
FBC Full Business Case
FWG Finance Working Group
UK GDPR UK General Data Protection Regulations
HDR UK Health Data Research UK
HMRC Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs
HMT Her Majesty's Treasury
ICT Information & Communication Technology
IG Information Governance
ISD Information Services Division
JV Joint venture
LWG Legal Working Group
MOA Memorandum of Agreement
MVP Minimum Viable Product
NHS National Health Service
NPB New public body
NRS National Records for Scotland
NSH National Safe Haven
NSS NHS National Services Scotland
OBC Outline Business Case
ONS Office of National Statistics
PHS Public Health Scotland
QB Quantifiable benefits
RDS Research Data Scotland
RSH Regional Safe Haven
SCADR Scottish Centre for Administrative Data Research,
SCIO Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation
SFT Scottish Futures Trust
SILC Scottish Informatics Linkage Collaboration
SILC SMB Scottish Informatics Linkage Collaboration Senior Management Board
SLA Service Level Agreement
SOC Strategic Outline Case
SQ Status quo
SRO Senior Responsible Officer
UK United Kingdom
VFM Value for money



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