Research Data Scotland – Full Business Case

The Research Data Scotland (RDS) Full Business Case (FBC) sets out proposals for the establishment of a new national service that has the potential to save time, money and lives.



2 Scottish Health Informatics Programme (SHIP)


4 CEBR (2015)

5 In September 2018,-Scotland

6 SILC and SILC-SMB were formally wound down in 2019.

7 Access the HM Treasury discussion paper of research ready data at: HMT Discussion Paper – The Economic Vlaue of Data

8 Protecting Scotland's Future: the Government's Programme for Scotland 2019-2020

9 It should be noted that the indicative costs above do not include service development, the costs for which were not available at the time of the options appraisal. Given the need to develop the service across all the options this is not material to the decision.

10 Risk contingency added at 20%. Risk has been added to the SQ option to reflect the risk associated with the SILC model

11 Some rounding errors

12 A SG grant funding application to ADR UK/ADR-S was awarded in late Summer 2021: the funding goes to SG but it is assumed that SG has some discretion to pass elements of the funding to RDS where there is alignment of outcomes

13 It is assumed that RDS will have to absorb VAT on its fees in FY21/22 so a reduced level of revenue is shown.



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