Short Life Working Group on Facilitating Peaceful Assemblies: report

The Short Life Working Group on Peaceful Processions in Scotland has reviewed processions in Scotland. The report uses the comparison between Northern Ireland and Scotland as a basis to discuss how well the legislative framework and related processes are working in Scotland.

Appendix 1

Relevant Studies Of Marches And Parades In Scotland

As a group it is important for us to begin with a clear understanding of the substantial body of work that has been done in recent years to assess, improve and review the notification process and procedures in Scotland. We, the SLWG are attempting to build on that work, which began in 2005.


In 2005 Sir John Orr published his Review of Marches and Parades in Scotland. It was the first full scale review of marches and parades undertaken in Scotland and Orr's recommendations were important in helping to move towards standardisation of the arrangements for such events across the country.


Following Sir John's review Guidance for Local Authorities was published in December 2006 to assist local authorities following changes to march and parade legislation established by the Police, Public Order and Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act, 2006.


In 2012, the then Minister for Community Safety and Legal Affairs established the Advisory Group on Tackling Sectarianism in Scotland, this group commissioned research projects. In February 2015 the Community Impact of Public Processions was published alongside other research and incorporated into the Advisory Group's final report in June 2015.


Following the Advisory Group final report, Dr Michael Rosie was asked by the then Minister for Community Safety, Paul Wheelhouse MSP to review and revisit the Orr report ten years on. Dr Rosie published his Independent Report on Marches and Parades and Static Demonstrations in Scotland in October 2016.


Dr Rosie was then asked to review progress that had been made on recommendations from his 2016 report and identify any emerging issues. His Review of 2016 Independent Report on Marches and Parades and Static Demonstrations in Scotland was published in June 2020.



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