Rejected referrals to child and adolescent mental health services: audit

A qualitative and quantitative audit of rejected referrals to Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS).


No Data Item Name Definition
1 Location Code Each location in Scotland, at which events pertinent to the Scottish Health Service take place, is allocated a location code
2 Unique Patient Identifier A locally derived patient identifier
3 CHI The Community Health Index ( CHI) is a population register, which is used in Scotland for health care purposes. The CHI number uniquely identifies a person on the index
4 Postcode The postcode is a basic unit for identifying geographic locations. A postcode is associated with each address in the UK
5 Sex The state of being male or female
6 Referral Source A source of referral category is a broad category of organisation and/or professionals who may make a referral, e.g. consultant in other provider unit, GP, self
7 Team The identification of the locally ‘named’ team that the CYP has been referred into that has then rejected the referral e.g. team 1, team 2, Lothian team, etc
8 Referral Received Date Date referral received is the date on which a health or social care service receives a referral
9 Reason for Referral (presenting problem) A reason for referral is a health problem which occasioned a referral. This may be a definite diagnosis, an unconfirmed diagnosis or signs and symptoms
10 Referral Accepted The referral has been vetted/triaged and been accepted or rejected for the service
11 Date Referral Rejected The date that the referral has been rejected by the service/team
12 Rejected Referral Reason The reason why a referral was not accepted by the service provider
13 Rejected Referral Action The action taken following the rejection of the initial referral
14 Free text field For any comments regarding service or referral


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