Public attitudes to coronavirus: March update

This report presents findings from polling work, conducted in January and February 2021, on public attitudes to the coronavirus pandemic in Scotland.

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1. Only a small amount of fieldwork was completed on the morning of February 25th

2. Public attitudes to Coronavirus: January update - (


4. Figure 10

5. Coronavirus (COVID-19): stay at home guidance - (

6. The guidance was to 'stay at home' and FACTS Coronavirus (COVID-19): FACTS poster including translations and accessible formats - ( which informed people about - face coverings, to avoid crowded places, to clean hands, to remember the two metre distance and to self-isolate and book a test if they have symptoms.

7. Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination - (

8. Response option 'I have already received a vaccination' was introduced on 9-10 February

9. Please note changes in base size for this group

10. Until 9-10 February the base was all respondents. From 9-10 February onwards the base was all those who had not yet received a COVID-19 vaccination. Base sizes of these sub-samples were including n=809 (9-10 Feb), n=711 (16-17 Feb) and n=644 (23-24 Feb)

11. Coronavirus (COVID-19): local protection levels - (

12. Note small wording change on 26-27 January when the statement read "I am happy to follow these stricter restrictions if it stops the overall situation getting worse"



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