Public attitudes to coronavirus: March update

This report presents findings from polling work, conducted in January and February 2021, on public attitudes to the coronavirus pandemic in Scotland.

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Annex A: Sample sizes

YouGov results are based on a sample of c.1,000 adults 18+ across Scotland at each wave. YouGov apply weighting to the data to match the population profile to adjust for any over/under representations and to maximise consistency from wave to wave. Parameters used include age, gender, social class, region and level of education. Fieldwork dates cover the period where the bulk of the survey fieldwork was completed, with a small number of interviews completed on the morning after the dates shown.

Table 2: Fieldwork information
Name Sample size Age group Field dates
YouGov weekly survey Wave 42: 1038 Wave 43: 1038 Wave 44: 1029 Wave 45: 1022 Wave 46: 1008 Wave 47: 1016 Wave 48: 1007 Wave 49: 1000 18+ Wave 42: 5-6 January Wave 43: 12-13 January Wave 44: 19-20 January Wave 45: 26-27 January Wave 46: 2-3 February Wave 47: 9-10 February Wave 48: 16-17 February Wave 49: 23-24 February



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