Procurement - mobile voice and data services framework (SP-22-005): buyer's guide

This buyer's guide is for use with the mobile voice and data services procurement framework (SP-22-005).

How to use this framework agreement


As a single supplier framework, there is only a Direct Award route to market and no further competition is required.

All call-off contracts awarded under the Framework Agreement will be drawn up using the standard terms and condition for call-off contracts contained in Schedule 5 (Standard Terms of Supply) and the order form at Annex A of Schedule 3 of the Framework Agreement.  The Framework public body will populate the order form to reflect their specific requirements and this will be agreed with Vodafone Ltd prior to both parties signing the final version.

A copy of this order form will also be available from the Scottish Procurement: Procurement Information Network group on the secure Knowledge Hub site.

The order form includes variable elements contained within Schedule 5 – Terms of Supply and these have been extracted to this order form as they appear within Schedule 5 and will be populated, agreed and signed by the Framework public body and Vodafone Ltd.  Framework public bodies are also able to agree changes to the Schedule 5 supporting schedules within the order form to meet their specific requirements.

Buyers are reminded of the obligations contained in the Procurement Reform (Scotland) Act 2014 in relation to the award of contracts valued equal to or greater than £50,000.00 including those awarded as a result of a framework call-off.

In particular, buyers should note that in accordance with Section 23(2) the award of contracts must be publicised on the Public Contracts Scotland website and in accordance with Section 35 contracts must be registered in the contracting authority’s contracts register.

Devices and accessories

Vodafone Ltd provide their standard public sector device catalogue detailing the range of handsets, devices and accessories available via the framework.  This catalogue will be updated regularly and is held on the Scottish Procurement: Procurement Information Network group on the secure Knowledge Hub site – details below.

Where a Framework public body requires a large number of devices, Vodafone may be able to negotiate on their behalf directly with the manufacturer to obtain bulk discounts.

Where a Framework public body prefers to spread the cost of devices over the life of their call off contract, Vodafone can offer Device Financing (spreading the purchase price evenly over the contract duration with no interest charges), or leasing, as alternatives to outright purchase.


Schedule 2 – Pricing Schedule of the Framework Agreement sets out all charges against the services under this framework.

The prices within the Pricing Schedule are the maximum prices that Framework Public Bodies will be charged for the first three years of the framework but may be reduced by the agreement of both Parties.  These prices will be subject to ongoing tariff reviews and benchmarking and may be reduced during the period of the framework.

Some services available via the framework are not priced.  If these services are required by a Framework public body, these will be provided by Vodafone Ltd on a case-by-case basis and subject to agreement between Framework public bodies and Vodafone Ltd.

A price comparison tool is available via the secure Knowledge Hub site which will allow Framework public bodies to identify the savings they will secure on core voice and data services against prices currently being paid.

Equipment credit/tech fund

The voice and SMS bolt-on and the individual data bolt-on tariffs have options for Framework Public Bodies to take a £50 equipment credit at a higher monthly tariff. The equipment credit means that framework public bodies can offset their accrued equipment credit to make purchases towards the following:

  • hardware from the Service Providers standard public sector device catalogue (phones, tablets, accessories etc.)
  • professional services
  • network coverage solution or
  • with the agreement of the Service Provider, fund other services within the scope of the Framework

Vodafone Ltd must ensure Framework public bodies are informed and notified one month in advance of any deadline for using their equipment credit/tech fund.

Framework public bodies should note that if a tariff with an equipment credit is taken up, the connection should remain in place for 24 months. If this connection is terminated prior to the end of the 24-month period, there is a process for Vodafone Ltd to recover its costs on a pro-rata basis.   

The equipment credit may be redeemed at any time during the contract duration, there is no need to wait until the contract is close to expiring. If the equipment credit is not utilised prior to the contract end, the credit becomes null and void therefore it is vital that framework public bodies routinely monitor the credit that has been accrued to ensure best value for money and to avoid financial losses. 

Framework public bodies may wish to further consider their tariff options at the end of this 24-month period if they have taken an equipment credit as there is likely to be benefit in moving to a tariff without any equipment credit at this time.

Framework and contract management

Scottish Procurement will manage the framework agreements at a strategic framework level. This incorporates a number of activities including the management of framework supplier performance, collating management information, coordinating feedback, undertaking quarterly business reviews, user feedback groups and supporting Framework public bodies with any issues or concerns.

Framework public bodies must manage all call-off contracts awarded at a local level and deal with day-to-day issues with a view to resolving these locally in the first instance.  Scottish Procurement will act as the escalation point should local resolution prove unsuccessful.

Framework public bodies using these frameworks should request their own management information and hold regular meetings with the framework supplier as necessary. The framework supplier is aware of the need to supply management information to Framework public bodies as part of agreed framework terms and conditions.

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