Procurement - mobile voice and data services framework (SP-22-005): buyer's guide

This buyer's guide is for use with the mobile voice and data services procurement framework (SP-22-005).


Foreword and acknowledgements

Scottish Procurement delivers benefits to the people of Scotland through improved value for money for taxpayers, improved goods and services for all our citizens and economic opportunities for Scotland. This is achievable through effective collaboration throughout the procurement cycle. Scottish Procurement would like to acknowledge the work, support and contribution from all sector representatives. Their input has helped to shape the direction of the project to a successful outcome.


This guide aims to assist public sector bodies in selecting the most cost-effective services and tariffs from the Mobile Voice and Data Services framework to suit individual requirements and to guide organisations through the straight-forward ordering process.

Framework overview

Scottish Procurement established the first national framework for mobile voice and data services in March 2020 and this has proven to provide excellent value for money for more than 100 Framework public bodies that have awarded call-off contracts through the framework. This framework delivers even greater value for money to Scottish public sector bodies with significant savings against the previous arrangement.

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