Procurement - mobile voice and data services framework (SP-22-005): buyer's guide

This buyer's guide is for use with the mobile voice and data services procurement framework (SP-22-005).

Information on the framework

Framework scope

The scope of the services includes the following:

  • voice and short messaging service (SMS)
  • data services including individual, aggregated, shared and unlimited data options
  • international calls & data
  • mobile devices and accessories via a public sector catalogue
  • Wi-Fi calling
  • lone and remote worker services
  • mobile device management
  • device data cleansing/wiping disposal
  • device Insurance
  • 5G Services
  • professional and managed service
  • mobile internet of things (IoT) services
  • access point name (APN) Services
  • converged mobile services
  • business mobility apps

Schedule 1a (Specifications and Service Levels) provides more details on the services available through this framework and can be found in the Scottish Procurement: Procurement Information Network group on the secure Knowledge Hub site.

Framework and call-off contract period

The Framework commenced on 15 April 2023 and will end on 14 April 2026 with the option of one 12-month extension period.

Call off Contracts from this Framework will be for a minimum period of 24 months and a maximum period of 48 months.

Individual connections do not have a minimum duration and can be ended without penalty.  However, if a connection with an equipment credit is taken and is terminated prior to reaching its 24-month duration, there is a process for Vodafone Ltd to recover its costs on a pro-rata basis.  This process can be found in Schedule 1a - Specification and Service Levels.

It is the responsibility of any buying organisation wishing to use the framework agreement to satisfy itself that it is eligible to do so.  Entitlement can be established from the Contract Notice Section II.2.4 of the notice refers.

Further guidance can also be found within the Scottish Government guidance on framework agreements.  If there is any doubt, legal advice should be sought.

The framework terms and conditions are subject to Scots law.

Support for framework public bodies

Named Account Manager: Each Framework public body will be appointed a named account manager who is aligned to a senior manager for supervision and potential escalation.  The account manager will support the Framework public body through all the stages of mobilisation, implementation and transition and will continue to provide support through the life of the contract.  They will also be accountable for ensuring that:

  • requests are dealt with in a timely manner and to the Framework public body’s satisfaction
  • management information is consolidated and issued to the Framework public body in line with the agreed service levels
  • they liaise with Framework public bodies to ensure that complaints and incidents are resolved promptly, in line with KPIs and service levels and with a minimum of disruption to existing services or operations

Deputy Account Manager: A deputy Account Manager will also be assigned to act as a cover for the Account Manager.

Named Transition Manager/Implementation Lead: Responsible and accountable for delivering on-time implementation and transition in accordance with the call-off contract; coordinating internal functions/processes to implement the contract; single point of contact for the Framework public body during the implementation and transition phase of the project. A named Service Transition Manager will be appointed for every Call-Off Contract. 

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