Procurement - mobile voice and data services framework (SP-22-005): buyer's guide

This buyer's guide is for use with the mobile voice and data services procurement framework (SP-22-005).

Framework benefits

This national framework will provide the following benefits:

  • excellent tariff pricing, benchmarked annually and offering value for money options available to Scottish public sector bodies regardless of size or geographical location
  • access to a wide range of mobile voice and data services with a variety of associated and emerging technologies e.g. 5G and mobile Internet of Things (IoT)
  • extensive list of devices and accessories spanning a range of price points and financing options via a public sector device catalogue
  • free of charge device wiping, disposal, recycling service
  • simplified tariffs for international travel using Vodafone Public Sector Traveller (PST) option with ability to use UK voice, text and data allowance when travelling overseas

International tariff billing

  • the default position is that PST is enabled as a daily charge but is only billed when the device is overseas. With reference to the use of data, if the device is switched on, has mobile data enabled and it is not connected via Wi-Fi then the customer will be charged the relevant daily PST rate.  However, if the device has mobile data disabled and is only connecting via WiFi, the PST daily rate will not be charged.  For the avoidance of doubt, if the device is switched on overseas with mobile data activated, even if you do not actively use data, you are likely to get charged at the daily PST rate.
  • with reference to the use of voice, if a device is overseas, it is able to receive calls without the PST daily rate being charged.  However, if a call is made whilst overseas, the daily PST rate will apply
  • Framework public bodies are able to have the PST disabled at the commencement of their call-off contract or at any time throughout the contract period
  • if travelling for more than 10 days, the monthly tariff may be more cost effective. Organisations should speak with their account manager and consider if the monthly charge should be enabled for specific connections
  • Please ensure you read our FAQ document on roaming, available via our secure Knowledge Hub site.
  • good levels of national mobile coverage with network improvements planned over the duration of the framework and where there is no suitable Vodafone network coverage, optional use of alternative networks may be provided
  • contracting with an accredited Real Living Wage employer who also provide wider benefits in terms of fair work, social, environmental and community benefits
  • as a single supplier arrangement, there is no need for further competition with a compliant and easy route to market for Scottish public sector bodies with a simplified, direct award approach for call-off contracts
  • access to a supplier which is accredited to ISO 27001
  • framework reduces duplication of procurement activity within the Scottish public sector
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