Practising Realistic Medicine: Chief Medical Officer for Scotland annual report

The Chief Medical Officer's third annual report on applying the personalised, patient-centred realistic medicine approach across Scotland.


Keith Allan; NHS Borders. Lee Barnsdale; ISD Scotland. Wendy Brown; Scottish Health Council. Kate Burton; Scottish Public Health Network. Alison Carmichael; Scottish Government. Ann Conacher; Scottish Public Health Network. David Conway; ISD Scotland. Neil Craig; NHS Health Scotland. Margaret Douglas; NHS Lothian/Scottish Health and Inequalities Impact Assessment Network. Dr Phylis Easton; NHS Tayside. Lilias Fraser; Scottish Poetry Library. Alistair Geraghty; Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh. John Gillies; University of Edinburgh. Lesley Graham; ISD Scotland. Lauren Glen; Realistic Medicine Policy Manager. Oliver Harding; NHS Forth Valley. Chris Harkins; Glasgow Centre for Population Health. Mark Johnstone; Head of CMO business Unit. Nicola Killean, Sistema Scotland. Daniel MacDonald; Scottish Government. Phil Mackie; Scottish Public Health Network. Shaun Maher; Scottish Government. Gerry McCartney; NHS Health Scotland. Gillian McCartney; Scottish Public Health Network. Michelle McCoy; NHS Dumfries & Galloway. Jim McMenamin; Health Protection Scotland. Oscar Mesalles-Naranjo; ISD Scotland. Terence O’Kelly; Scottish Government. Colin Ramsay; Health Protection Scotland. Joan Reid; Choosing Wisely UK. Jacqui Reilly; Health Protection Scotland. Andrew Riley; Scottish Government. Alex Stirling; ISD Scotland. Malcolm Summers; Scottish Government. Terri Thomson; Scottish Government. Kirsty Licence; ISD Scotland. Alison Linyard; NHS Fife. Brian O’Suilleabhain; NHS Ayrshire and Arran. Josephine Pravinkumar; NHS Lanarkshire. Emily Stevenson; NHS Tayside. Diane Stockton; NHS Health Scotland. Martin Taulbut; NHS Health Scotland. Elaine Tod; NHS Health Scotland. Hester Ward; ISD Scotland. Heather Wardle; London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Louise Wilson; NHS Orkney.


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